The role of the trainer is to be a facilitator

I have been teaching for 20 years and I offer you a lively teaching approach based on various useful ways to learn.
I work alongside two others trainers who also share my vision of teaching as explained below.


Before the meeting:

To achieve this, the facilitator will help you to:

  • Clarify the purpose of the meeting.
  • Ensure that the goal is meaningful for the intended participants.
  • Collect all the information needed to understand the context and motivation of this meeting.
  • Identify the possible obstacles to reach the goal. Short preparatory interviews with some target participants prove to be the most effective.
  • Build the different steps of the meeting and the facilitation tools.
  • Communicate the planning to participants (well in advance to give them time to prepare).

During the meeting:

  • Remember the schedule and the goal.
  • Build and maintain a positive climate throughout.
  • Stimulate the group.
  • Use facilitation tools that allow everyone’s creativity to express themselves.
  • Remain open to suggestions and questions.
  • Make sure everyone gets involved.


Learning is a critical step that ensures a solid foundation is in place. Our services are divided into four core areas of expertise:

Today’s students learn differently.
They are mobile, online, and in need of highly engaging content.

Learning can make an impact:
We design an experience that influences your bottom line.

We help you UNDERSTAND and transform instructor led programs into a Blended-Learning environment.

We COLLABORATE with you to understand your unique challenges.

We work with you to ensure your learning process becomes a foundation that delivers INNOVATIVE results.

We DEFINE the approach that is best suited for your needs and your organization’s goals.

We create fundamental learning TRANSFORMATIONS that set you above the competition.