The market tour and the menus are carefully designed together to cook new recipes and reveal your inner chef while buying the best products from local merchants.

Once in the market, it’s a real window on local gastronomy that will open up to you. You will see during the visit, local producers will share their passion for their natural and delicious products.
Depending on the arrival of the day, you may even choose to eat crab or lobster!

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We can facilitate your experience abroad

In today’s world, speaking French is often an indispensable asset in obtaining or developing a job.

Then put all the chances on your side and SPEND time abroad for a while. The best way to learn is to practice the language in the country.

Be confident! Move forward and take one more step towards your fluancy.

Enjoy it and go elsewhere to learn DIFFERENTLY!

Speaking a language should not be an obstacle. IMMERSION and development are the keys.

We can be there for you (individual or small groups).

We can meet you during your stay to help you practice the language.

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